See what clients are saying about Austin Allen James.

  • Robin Baron of Robin Baron Design

    "Austin’s work is both timeless and on the cutting edge of design. It’s also incredibly beautiful, capturing the nuance of color, texture and space. As a lover of fine art as well as a business owner, I frequently introduce clients to Austin’s pieces. His commitment to his customers is matched only by his commitment to his craft. He’s a dazzling artist and a gracious, client-focused businessman."

  • Malanta Knowles of Paragon

    "Austin James is such a delight to work with.  I have known Austin for many years and am always amazed at how he comes up with new and exciting designs year after year. Austin is a man of integrity and I love working with artists that have this type of work ethic. Austin’s work is always on trend with the colors and compositions that are emerging in the marketplace.  There is never a lack of creativity when working with Austin."

  • Yudi Kaufman of YKD Associates

    "I’ve had the privilege of knowing Austin and working with him for many years. He’s a true pleasure just to be around! Austin’s work is ethereal, and I’m lucky enough to have a number of his pieces in my own home. I’m a loyal client and huge fan."

    YKD Associates

  • Wendy DeBen of Gulf Coast Home

    "We love Austin James art, furniture, and trays! The color, technique and style of every piece is absolutely stunning, and our customers are obsessed! We recently had an art opening in Bay St. Louis for AAJ art and the whole town was a buzz!"

  • Mary Neff Stewart of Turnrow Art Co

    "Austin's work falls into that unique unexplained category of both glamorous and whimsical. Each piece perfectly fits in most any space, bringing texture and imagination."

  • Crissy Green of Elle Design & Decor

    "Austin Allen James is one of the most authentic people I have ever encountered! My first commission pieces were created in 2013 for my personal home in the Parade of Homes which sparked a fascination amongst my clients! Each piece is meticulously created and crafted so that no two pieces are alike! Because these pieces are transitional, they are able to fit into a vast majority of decor styles. For me personally, they bring me peace and comfort, and I will always cherish them in my home. Every house should be dressed with at least one AAJ piece!"

  • Lindsay White of Look Walls

    "We have loved working with Austin over the years! Our clients LOVE his artwork!! His style is timeless and we always look forward to what he paints next!"

  • Sarah Moss of Moss Manor

    "Austin is the most charismatic and talented artist in the South today.  Everything he creates overflows with his energy and zest for life."

  • Lisa Bagby of PRIZE

    "I first discovered Austin's work when I came across one of his pieces in a design showroom in Dallas.  I so admired the piece I purchased the art for my collection.  I then contacted Austin about marketing his art in my Austin, Texas store, PRIZE.  I have worked with Austin for several years, and I admire him as an artist and consider him an important business partner and a magnificent friend."

  • Georgina Weddell of In-Detail

    "Austin is a master of composition.  I love what he has accomplished: fine art at an accessible price point.  His passion for making art every day shows through in the finished product.  It has been a pleasure to watch his journey over the last eight years, and I am excited to see what is next."

  • Michael Bauer, Director of Trade Relations, Feizy Rugs

    "Austin Allen James is one of the most tenacious people I have met. He never gives up. I have been a part of Austin and his evolution since 2008. During this time he has reinvented himself from creating decor, to fine art, to furniture, and now he partners with manufacturers to continue developing products that will be available to the masses. Austin continues to amaze me with his creativity and ability to pivot and grow."